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Coir Non-Brush Car Mats

A elegant looking product which is tough and durable and available from a vast range of colours, designs and sizes for all makes of cars.

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Table Cloths

Beautifully finished top quality, 100% cotton demask. Bordered Ivy Leaf design available in popular sizes finished with two sides hemmed and two sides woven selvedge.


Seagrass Matting

Seagrass Matting

Seagrass matting is a wonderful natural alternative to modern flooring materials. Hard wearing seagrass matting starts life as a long grass grown in the far east, where it is locally harvested and dried before being spun by hand. It is then woven in to the sheets or squares of seagrass matting we would recognise.

Seagrass matting is ideal for people who want a hardwearing surface for busy reception areas of their house, a workshop, or any interior areas where keeping a carpet clean may be an issue. It also offers a more attractive option for pet bedding areas - rather than using a tatty old piece of rug, try some seagrass matting instead.

At Marquee Matting we’re confident you’ll find the seagrass matting you need. Easy to transport and lay, seagrass matting is not only for the home, but is perfect for outdoor lifestyles as well. Seagrass matting makes an excellent temporary floor around a campsite, ensuring that muddy, rocky or sandy ground doesn’t need to make life uncomfortable for you and your friends. Seagrass matting can be used inside your tented structure too, providing an instant comfortable, warm, clean floor for your yurt or tepee.

Buying seagrass matting also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, as the level of industrial process used in its production is far lower than in more modern alternatives. The raw materials involved are also completely sustainable.

So contact us at Marquee Matting to see what we have in stock.


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